Blood Drives at Red River ER

Every day, approximately 36,000 units of blood are used in U.S. hospitals alone, with an average of 21 million blood components, total, transfused each year. This means that approximately every 2 seconds, someone in the country needs blood. With this great need for blood donations, it is concerning to find out that only 38% of the population is eligible to donate blood or platelets.

In the effort to support blood donors and create opportunities for new donors to be found, Red River ER took part in our first blood drive last month. We partnered with the Texoma Regional Blood Center, who brought their donation bus to our facility, to collect new blood donations from our community.

On May 30th, Red River ER hosted a successful blood drive, where we accepted 14 donors during our collection hours. “I’m proud we could host such an important event,” said Tiffany Wills, Red River ER’s Facility Administrator. “It really means a lot when we can help our community like this.”

Our Director of Nursing agreed, saying, “I’m glad to be able to give back to the community. It is a pleasure to work with all of these generous people and really make a difference in the medical world.”

Studies show that one blood donation can save as many as 3 lives, which makes blood donors heroes in the eyes of many. Cancer patients, pregnant mothers, sick children, and anyone suffering from physical injury might find themselves needing a blood transfusion, and it is through courageous donors, like those at Red River ER’s drive, who help save lives.

With our first blood drive going over so well, Red River ER has committed to hosting more drives with Texoma Regional Blood Center. May was our first, but if you want to donate blood, then come see us on July 31st, from 9am-4pm, when we will be hosting another blood drive at our facility. We hope to see even more brave heroes coming out to give blood next month.

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