Summer Safety Tips


Summer is nearly here! The time for neighborhood kickball games, outdoor cook-outs, and playing at the lake is coming right around the corner, and as the school year inches closer and closer to its close, our kids are hungry for adventures. But as families get ready to make the most of their break, let’s go over a few health tips for the summertime.

Between athletic injuries and sunburn, there are simple precautions everyone can take to make sure their summers stay safe, as well as fun.

Bug Bites

We all want to wear shorts and sundresses during the summer months but leaving your legs and arms bare can make you ripe for the biting in the eyes of a mosquito. To keep bites away, make sure you always apply bug spray to your arms, legs, and even to your clothes!

If you plan to go hiking, then you want to be especially vigilant with your bug repellent. Ticks are more likely to bite you when you get off the paved paths, and their bites do a lot more than just get itchy. Ticks can carry Lyme Disease and infections, so when you’re picking out your bug spray, look for brands which also repel ticks.


It is always important to stay hydrated, but never more so than when you are spending time outside in the sun. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious health conditions, and if you are experiencing them, it is important to seek immediate medical care. To keep heat conditions at bay, drink water!

Drinking a few gulps of water every 20-30 minutes is a good way to keep yourself consistently hydrated throughout the day.

Protect Your Skin

Bug spray isn’t the only thing you should remember to put on this summer. Before you go out, you need to protect your skin from UV rays as well. Applying sunscreen before you start any outdoor activities is important to keeping sunburns away, but it can also lower your risks of skin cancer over time.

Limiting your time in the direct sun is another way to protect your skin. The sun’s rays are at their strongest between 10am and 4pm, so if you make sure to hang out in the shade or duck inside a local ice cream parlor for a few refreshing scoops of your favorite flavor during these hours, you can help your skin stay healthy.


When it comes to any summertime sports, you want to make sure you have equipment. Biking, hiking, swimming, and much more all require protective gear. Make sure your athletic shoes are in good condition and still offer you a comforting cushion with each step.  Keep all your kids in helmets and knee pads if they plan to do any rollerblading or biking, and make sure you have all you need for a safe trip to the lake.

Taking the necessary precautions for summertime safety is important. It’s too easy for kids to get excited and forget to bring their helmet or leave a life-preserver on the shore when they go canoeing. But making sure they have everything they need to safely participate in all of the activities summertime has to offer will keep them out of the ER.

In the case of injuries, heat stroke, and other emergency conditions this summer, Red River ER is open 24/7 to treat patients. Our staff of board-certified doctors is always prepared for pediatric and adult emergencies. No appointment required!

The blog post was written by Maggie Berardo, a Content Writer at Nutex Health, Inc.

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