Hollie Bernhard |Staff Spotlight


Hollie Bernhard is one of Red River ER’s talented front-desk registration coordinators, and in honor of this month’s National Parents Day, we wanted to celebrate Hollie’s work at our facility. When Hollie isn’t providing concierge-level service for all of Red River ER’s patients, she is taking care of her three children at home. “Being a mother,” Hollie Bernhard says, “Has helped me improve how I work with patients. Motherhood has taught me compassion and to understand what others are going through.” Many parents know how that feels, especially during summer time, when families are hectically running between vacations, summer camps, and sports practice. Hollie’s family is no different

Hollie was born and raised in Sherman, Texas, where she is proud to still work today. Being a part of the Sherman community has been a part of Hollie’s life from childhood, and after graduating from Tom Bean High School in 1995, she knew that she wanted to keep contributing to Sherman in her professional life. “My favorite thing about working at Red River ER is the compassion and care we give to our patients,” Hollie said, with one of her trademark smiles. “We want them to feel comfortable and welcome, and I strive to do just that.”

Hollie’s work with Red River ER has distinguished her as an excellent member of our front-desk team. “Hollie is a stellar employee,” says Tiffany Wills, Red River ER’s Facility Administrator, “She is hard working and always has a smile on her face. We are so lucky and happy that Hollie is part of our family at Red River ER.” We’re proud to have all of her expertise on our staff, especially what she’s learned from parenthood.

“I have taught my children that life is all about the choices we make,” Hollie tells us. “Hopefully, we make the right ones, but when we don’t, and we fall down, we get back up. We always have to keep trying.” These valuable life lessons are just one of the reasons Hollie is such a wonderful mother. Her love for her family knows no bounds, and her dedication to her children is what makes her so special. “My children are my whole world. They’re smart, talented, compassionate individuals who will go far in life.”

Knowing Hollie and her love for her children, we here at Red River agree. We know that Hollie, and all parents like her, are raising a kind, intelligent new generation who will strengthen Sherman’s community even more. Having staff members like Hollie at Red River ER are what make our facility so special.

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